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5 to Watch from Sweden - No5 Linn Öberg

Linn Öberg is another Swedish artist whos been around for a while, but is worthy of greater UK attention – shes from Stockholm but I believe she spent some time studying in London. Her recent album release ‘When you Go’ sounds really good. She has this haunting but really powerful voice, which gives her a real identity, and the songs we’ve heard are beautifully written.

Heres a good video too:

If we get chance we might try and do a more detailed review of the album. The music scene right now obviously has lots of really good Nordic singer songwriters making a strong impression, but theres always room for more.

Linn Öbergs ‘When you Go’ is available as a digital download, you can try listening on Spotify before you buy it….

Please check out the facebook page below for more info.

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