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New Band Feature - 'Holy Roman'

We look for new bands and artists to feature for Nordic Music Review in all kinds of places – there are some great blogs out there that we respectfully look up to, for example, such as Meadow Music (Sweden) and of course One Chord to Another (Finland), as well as Social Media, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. However one great way we’ve come across new artists is to simply look at Festival line-ups, and gig listings. So when we spotted that a Finnish band named ‘Holy Roman’ were playing (tonight actually)at the Semi-Final in Helsinki, supporting the excellent Love Sport who we’ve featured previously, and Swedish band Alexandria, it was worth checking them out.

And we quickly found this:

Now this is part of a 2 song Demo (dont forget this is just the demo...) brilliantly entitled 'Looking at an Escher painting made me go blind', and the above track is called 'Ähtäri'. Its startlingly good, the dual drummers pound out a massive beat, and the huge cavalcade of guitars relentlessly drive the track through. Within seconds I knew we’d stumbled across something pretty outstanding, and the more subtle vocals I think work really well. The emphasis here is Noise, and whilst they describe themselves as ‘blazing through eardrums like a mad buffalo on cocaine’, there’s no doubt that the overall result is something different, a sound which separates them from the masses. I love the fact that they’re not afraid to use big instrumental sections in their songs, and whilst they sound different, they do favourably remind me of some of my favorite UK bands such as Crippled Black Pheonix.

Anyway Holy Roman have been kindly been telling Nordic Music Review what they’ve got planned for the next few months, so check them out on Facebook (cant find them on Twitter yet…) for details of their up and coming gigs, they’ll then be heading into the studios in July to record an EP ‘with a huge sound’ which they provisionally hope will be available in Autumn.

With a gig tomorrow in Turku with Mumrunner, Delay Trees and Alexandria, they’ve got themselves lined up with some of our favourite bands, and are clearly heading in the right direction. We’ll keep in touch with what they get up to next.

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