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In Short: Sundown Delay - 'Catching up with the Future'

We get lots of music submissions now at Nordic Music Review, and we love listening to them all. We divide them up on to playlists and just keep listening until we either like something, or realise its not quite our thing. Anyway my most recent playlist included more well known offerings from Tallest Man, Red Barnett, Soley and a whole number of fairly melancholy submissions that have come our way. And amongst all of it, there was a little ray of upbeat rock, an unapologetically raw but totally genuine album offering from Swedish band Sundown Delay who come from the town of Alingsås, its called 'Catching up with the Future'.

Now ‘Catching up with the Future’ is not meant to be carefully produced, designer rock, this is an outpouring of 10 dirty rock songs which, to be honest, range between the inspired ('Fed Up') and the more problematic ('Beckomberga 2044'). But after a few evenings listening to pretty sad songs from more recognized acts, the sudden intrusion of a Sundown Delay track in the midst of it all, has been not just a welcome relief, but its brought a big smile to my face. And with interesting, well thought through lyrics, especially in tracks such as 'The Inverted Rat Cage' theres plenty to get you thinking too.

So anyway, go and track down Sundown Delay on your computers. Like them on Facebook, hound them until they play some live gigs near you - and just take my word for it, download 'Fed Up' from Itunes and put it right in the middle of your latest melancholy playlist mix of sad songs, it will do you the world of good.

(You can find 'Catching up with the Future' on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon downloads)

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