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Magic Potion - 'Melt' EP

We've covered Magic Potion before at Nordic Music Review in a 'New Band' feature, so it’s great to be able to report on their debut EP release, which was Monday of this week. The EP is called 'Melt', and it’s exactly what I was expecting from the Swedish outfit, who play offbeat indie pop with a warped and wobbly guitar sound. It’s slightly spaced out and psychedelic, but never in an intense way, and always fun to listen to.

Anyway we have 4 tracks for our listening pleasure, and they include the debut single 'Deep Web' which we liked so much previously. '1995' opens up the EP, and it starts where we left off, the distinctive vocals and guitars which chug along at a good pace, and a simple little melodic chorus. This is not complicated music at all, but it’s thrown together in a really clever way, and it’s all so very easy to like. After 'Deep Web', which is more laid back and still has that great tune, we're offered 'Booored', possibly more conventional but with the same loopy dreamy sound that is all very 'Magic Potion'.

This is a good EP from a band which offers something different with an interesting sound and likeable songs. I guess the challenge will be for them to be able to expand their idiosyncratic guitar and vocals to fill a whole Album of good quality material. I'm sure they'll give it a really good go, and we won’t have that long to wait, as they plan an album release later this year through PNKSLM Recordings.

Anyway, more details about Magic Potion and their EP from the bands Facebook and Website pages, and the new EP is definitely available on Itunes as i just checked.

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