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Novotonik - 'Come What May' EP

After featuring the brilliant debut from ‘The Stillwalkers’, we thought we’d stay in Finland to give a quick mention to a brand new band who have just released their debut EP. ‘Novotonik’ are from Tampere, Finland, and were formed in spring 2012, but have only actively been playing gigs in the last 6 months or so.

Their debut EP "Come What May" was released on June 15th, and its pretty good too. It has 4 bright, original sounding tracks, opening with ‘ETA Yesterday’, a sound opening with guitar and vocals before a big upbeat guitar line is thrown over the top. And whilst this is clearly a band still finding their style, with some imperfections, the songs are generally well constructed and they have a good band sound too.

The second track ‘The Crown’ is in a similar style, with a big chorus thrown in, whilst ‘Come What May’ has a heavier more intense guitar, with an instrumental section in the middle which is pretty blistering and effective. My favourite track is possibly the last track ‘Nightfall’, slightly more introspective, and I love the guitar line with the warped jaunty vocal melody.

So I have no doubt that Novotonik will be heading back into their rehearsal studio to fine tune their sound and get more live gig experience, but this is an interesting debut EP from a Finnish band with good song writing skills, and a fresh Indie guitar sound.

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