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Axel Flóvent– Forest Fires EP

We’re featuring a couple of Eps from Iceland today which actually came out a couple of months back, and we’ve had them happily sitting on our playlists for a while as we familarised ourselves with them. The first is a new artist to Nordic Music Review, Axel Flóvent, who’s EP ‘Forest Fires’ is quite possibly the softest and most delicate release we’ve come across this year.

An Indie Folk musician hailing from the Northern Icelandic fishing village of Húsavík, Axels music is captivating and has a real warmth to it too. Its based around fairly simple acoustic ideas, and it is a perfect escape from the stresses and strains of a manic and slightly confused world.

So ‘Forest Fires’ (this is not Axel Flóvents own video by the way, but he seems to like it) sums up the sound completely, and the second track on the EP ‘Dancers’ is perfectly written too. And whilst we get that such blissful and gentle sounds may not be to everyones taste, our view is that there is always room for such beautifully written songs. Check out Axel at the following locations:

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