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Billy Momo - 'Drunktalk'

I guess this is not so much of an album review, but more of an introduction to the world of Billy Momo, a Swedish band which have established themselves as an immediate favourite at the Nordic Music Review, mainly because their music style is so eclectic and unusual, that we’re not quite sure how to describe them. And in our book, that’s always a good thing.

Billy Momo were originally formed by musicians Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell, but are now a 7 piece ensemble which includes a guitar, harmonica, banjo, percussionist, and with strings and wind instruments thrown in on their album ‘Drunktalk’, the overall effect is a complex landscape of musical arrangements. But its also music with its foundations in pop music from the 80s and 90s too, with folk, indie and blues influences too…. ok, so you just need to listen for yourself… this is 'I've Got You'.

‘Drunktalk’ is Billy Momos 2nd album, and it tells ‘Canterbury Tales’ type stories of escapades, drunken misfortunes as well as an occasionally cynical look at peoples wider lives. The variety of musical styles within the album keeps it interesting, from the orchestral arrangements of ‘I’ve got You’ to more conventional sounding tracks such as ‘The Weekend’. But it’s the quirky tunes in particular that work best - the opening of ‘It’s Mine’ could be straight out of Norwegian band Major Parkinsons repertoire of inspired song introductions (check ‘Simone’ for example). And like bands such as Major Parkinson, its all backed up with a real technical musical expertise too - these are certainly skilled artists at work.

But the most important point to make about this album is that its simply hugely enjoyable, and despite some pointed messages about the world we live in, it doesn’t always take itself too seriously either. Ok so a couple of the more conservative tracks don’t quite engage with me as much, but in general Billy Momo have delivered an infectious album which is clever, original and great fun. You’ll find it difficult not be completely charmed.

Nordic Music Review 8 1/2 /10

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