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New Band - 'CeaseTone'

We have a list of bands and artists we’re going to cover in the next few days at Nordic Music Review that most UK readers in particular wont have come across. Some have been around for years, but CeaseTone are relatively new, at least in terms of formal releases that we could find. Theyre from Iceland and they’ve had a few tracks and video clips circulating online in the last year or two, but it all looks like building towards a planned album release in the Autumn, which I believe might be called ‘Two Strangers’.

Predictably enough for the type of band we like here, CeaseTone are a wonderful fusion of different sounds, rock, funk, folk, and I am completely intrigued as to what we might get in the album. Last years video ‘Remedy’ has a really unusual sound, traces of Sufjan Stevens perhaps, and its pretty intense and mesmerizing, take a look for yourself:

Anyway after winning an ATP Iceland Unsigned Band Competition not so long back, and with an Airwaves appearance due in a few months time, (as well as that planned Album release), we will definitely be hearing about ‘CeaseTone’ again before we reach the end of the year.

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