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Code Elektro - 'Superstrings'

We try to cover some really diverse projects at Nordic Music Review, partly because we love exploring the huge variety of musical genres out there, but also to demonstrate the broad range of Nordic talent too. Code Elektro is a really interesting example. Formed by Danish Commercials composer and sound designer Martin Ahm, the bands music (described as 'Cyberpunk') utilises analog and digital synths to create 80s Science Fiction inspired sounds, and their debut album 'Superstrings' was recorded over a number of years, in between his daily commercial compositions.

This undoubtedly will have a fairly niche appeal, but in the first instance I think that’s pretty much what Martin Ahm intended, creating an album inspired by Science Fiction soundtracks for those who like Science Fiction style soundtracks. And to that end its been achieved really well, but I think the appeal also goes slightly further – this is inventive electronic music which has real depth and at times surprising subtlety. After the 3rd or 4th listen I’ve genuinely been finding myself completely lost in time and space, with music and images floating through my mind. Its really effective and very clever.

Just to highlight a couple of stand out tracks. The opening track ‘Cyber Dreams’ sets the tone of the album, with its high tempo and big beats. But its ‘Her Dasher’ that stands out early on for me, the track has a real level of intensity, repetitive but never dull, and it gets under your skin and grows slightly menacingly throughout the track. That murkier threatening feel is demonstrated even more strikingly in ‘Death Star’, my favourite track on the album, with shadowy choral voices echoing in the background.

Conveniently, Code Elektro have just released an official video to the opening track of the album ‘Cyber Dreams’, and so here it is below. Take a look for yourself:

This is a pretty impressive album, convincingly dark where it needs to be, and imaginative and inspirational at times too. It is possibly the most ‘niche’ that we have covered at Nordic Music Review, and probably will be for some time, but we’re delighted to give it some coverage. I don’t claim to be a huge 80s Science Fiction fan, but the fact that as a mere mortal such as myself could be convinced by the sounds, and ultimately inspired into thinking about space and time, demonstrates its success. And for those who are fans of films such as Robocop and Tron and their music, you will love Code Elektros Superstrings, so go check out the links below.

Code Elektros 'Superstrings' is released through Iceberg Records

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