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Sakia - new single!

At the end of May we wrote a Nordic Music Review feature about Sakia, a Finnish band who'd been together some 10 years, but had only recently released their official debut single. The link is at the bottom of this short item if you want to remind yourself.

Anyway the good news is that theyre back with a brand new song and its called 'Bright Matter'. Having spent the week having my ears battered by the brilliance of Agent Fresco, this beautifully written melodic and melancholy indie rock track is the perfect distraction. I really feel that these guys have a really natural songwriting ability, and a sound which they are at complete ease with.

Here is the new song 'Bright Matter' anyway, take a listen for yourself:

Next for Sakia is a short tour back at home, and some more releases are planned too. We'll keep following their progress:

Heres our previous feature:

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