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Kastrup - new single 'Come and Get Me'

We've followed Swedish duo Kastrup pretty much since their debut single, as they were one of our first featured New Bands, so its been great follow their progress - firstly through their excellent follow up single and video 'Thieves', and now through their latest release 'Come and Get Me'.

Whilst 'Thieves' had this beautiful melancholy tilt, 'Come and Get Me' is a big synth pop belter of a track. The strength of Kastrup is still their excellent songwriting, good vocals and this track is right up there up with the previous 2. With previous singles getting some excellent airplay in Sweden, this one looks to be even more radio friendly, so listen out for it if youre one of our Swedish readers.

Firstly heres the link to the new single:

And if you want more information on Kastrup visit their Facebook page, or have a look at their previous video to 'Thieves'.

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