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White Balance - 'Flock' single

Right at the beginning of the year (or at the end of last year) we gave a mention to Finnish Electro-Pop group ‘White Balance’ - they were our New Band of the Day No 18 in fact, and whilst we don't generally write about new single releases, we do like to keep an eye on what all those new bands we featured are up to.

Anyway they have a new single and video out, and it’s their strongest yet – its called ‘Flock’ and it’s the first single and title track from an EP of the same name which is due out shortly. We don’t feature anywhere near enough music from this type of genre as it is, and I really like White Balance, with really strong vocals, good song writing and impressive evocative videos to go with it.

Here is ‘Flock’ anyway:

This is quite rightly getting some lovely reviews from some of the other online blogs, which is great news, and the video has had quite a few hits already. Check the White Balance Facebook page for live gigs if you're in Finland (they also played with the brilliant Lac Belot earlier this year, which would have been a lovely gig to see) and given that we adopted them so early in our existence, we will definitely be tracking their progress.

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