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Øyvind Weiseth - I Told You I Would Go single and video

Yesterday we wrote about Circumnavigate, the part Norwegian band working out of London, but today we’re writing a few words about Øyvind Weiseth, an Artist who’s British ‘connections’ come through a more familiar route - the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). We've obviously featured a few Norwegian artists based (or previously based) there including Kalandra, Mari Hajem, I See Rivers and of course Nils Martin, who played at our gig at the Nordic Church in Liverpool (and we’ll be writing more about him soon).

We'd come across Øyvind Weiseth's name a few times, but have been seriously remiss in not giving him a mention. He’s had an EP out for a couple of years (we’ve included the Soundcloud link at the bottom of this mini feature) called ‘Memento’, which has some lovely tracks on it – ‘Not Strong’ in particular has a lovely idiosyncratic melody, its really easy to like. His more recent melody ‘Eventyr’ is more polished and demonstrates his powerful strong vocals.

Anyway Øyvind has a new song and a video out called ‘I Told You I Would Go’, and its very different from previous material (and different to what he’s recording at the moment so we hear), but it’s a charming song, and really shows his versatility as a performer. The track really made me stop, listen and think, the saxophone solo is well judged and captures the emotion of the track well, and I like the video that goes with it – also featuring Hege Nesset on Backing Vocals and Mathias Hagen on saxophone.

Currently recording in the studio, Øyvind Weiseth is planning his next release for February 2016, but like many of the LIPA artists he does sometimes play live in the Liverpool area, so we will let you know when his next gig is. In the meantime you can follow him on Facebook or check out his website.

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