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New Band - 'The Echo Field' and single 'Is He Gone'

After the 60’s inspired folk album from ‘Days of Elisa, we’re introducing another band from Sweden, The Echo Field, who are also heavily influenced by a similar era. The band was founded by Tomas Hellberg and Niklas Mellberg, and they have released single 'Is He Gone' ahead of their debut EP which is released next week and follows up from their successful previous single ‘Watch Your Step’.

The beauty of new single 'Is He Gone' lies in its apparently simplicity – not that its is simple to write songs like this obviously, or everyone would be doing it. But they make it sound so effortless, with a lovely timeless melody that could have been written 40 or 50 years ago but modernized with slightly wobbly indie slacker pop from the current era. And there are some great subtleties, and clever chord progressions which bring it all together so effectively. Vocally and melodically 'Is He Gone' reminds me of Dodgy at their best – and lets be clear, Nigel Clark is a very fine and underrated songwriter.

‘The Echo Fields’ strength is that excellent songwriting, and the great tunes which are at the heart of their songs. They have no pretensions, their music is there to be listened to, savoured and enjoyed. Of course, not everyone will be comfortable with music which is so obviously influenced by 60s sounds, but that is their loss, as this an attractive sounding and interesting single, and their forthcoming EP is therefore something for us all to look forward to:

Find out more and follow the band:

The Echo Field will release their self titled debut EP on November 18th on 12” vinyl and digital download on Lazy Octopus Records.

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