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Laura Moisio - 'Ikuinen Valo'

Yesterday we reviewed ‘Lockerbie’ and their album ‘Hafari, and we’re sticking with native languages for a few words about a recent album by Finnish singer songwriter Laura Moisio called ’Ikuinen Valo’ (I think that means 'Eternal Light’). It doesn't seem that long ago that she released her last album, which we liked so much that it was listed in our ‘Top 10 Nordic Albums of 2014’, but it’s a pleasure to listen to her new album, which is completely delightful, and which will grow on you every time you listen to it.

Obviously the language restrictions do limit us considerably, but musically this feels like a more complete if varied album than her first one, opening with the intensity of ’Itku Ei Auta Mitään’, which feels different to the last album But the one consistent factor throughout is Laura Moisio's exceptional vocals, which are soft, delicate, pure and completely perfect in every way. I love the intricacy of the title track ‘Ikuinen Valo’,with its lush strings in the latter stages of the track, and that is contrasted with more complex instrumentation with the dominate theme from brass in ‘Sinä Et Kuulu Tähän Maahan’, a real highlight of the album.

The album continues with the beautiful piano theme and melancholy strains of ‘Sinimustia Unia’, whilst ‘Ilon Lapsi’ has a jaunty quirky theme, which is really easy to listen to, and perfect if you want one nice upbeat track for a playlist – or even better, to buy on Itunes. But I love ‘Lokkeja Ja Lentomuurahaisia’ too, so simply set out between guitar, piano and then finally cello, its melancholy and has a beautiful simple tune.

Now clearly the language barrier makes things hard, given some of the songs sound so personal and heartfelt and I wish I understood it better, but for some reason her expression and songwriting seems perfect for the Finnish language, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Laura Moisio's music is utterly compelling and addictive, the vocals really are outstanding and on this album the strings and brass have been added so sensitively and musically. The last album grew on me towards the end of 2014, and I feel the same is happening with Ikuinen Valo in 2015, every time I listen I get an increasing feeling of warmth and appreciation for what has been done here. Forget about the language barrier and just enjoy this for what it is – a fine and gorgeous album to bring warmth to those cold winter nights.

Nordic Music Review 8.5 / 10

Photo Copyright by Annukka Pakarinen

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