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Gold Celeste - 'The Glow'

We covered Amasons album ‘Sky City’ a couple of months late, and it reminded me of another album which I’ve enjoyed listening to, but never written anything about, so thought I should do an ‘In Short’ review. Gold Celeste are from Norway and ‘The Glow’ is their debut album, and it was released to favourable reviews back in September, and understandable so, with its dreamy hypnotic layers of psychedelic melody.

‘Can of Worms’ sets the tone of the album with its carefully crafted hazy tune and layers of sound, it's so laid back that you feel it might actually just come to a complete standstill. ‘But a Poem’ does have a different feel to it, a short 60’s influenced track with a lovely melody backed by guitar, its actually a real highlight even if at just over 1 minute long. ‘Open your Eyes’ is also a stand out track, and there’s a video to that which we’ve shown below, whilst amongst the other tracks ‘Time of Your Life’ is probably my favourite, and perhaps the most conventional sounding ‘pop’ track on the album.

I really like this album. ‘Gold Celeste’ have crafted a very convincing dream pop style album with melodies, lovely layers of sound and interesting lyrics that should make you think, and have far more depth than you might imagine at first listen. I'm not sure if i could have this album on constant repeat, maybe its perfect for a Nordic playlist with a mix of songs, but if you like this style of music, you will be in your element here, so feel free to immerse yourself completely in Gold Celestes world of shimmering dreamy melodies and enjoy ‘The Glow’ for what it is.

Nordic Music Review 7.5 /10

Check out the Facebook page for details of 2 London gigs for Gold Celeste in December...!!

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