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In July we featured a review of the Nana Jacobi album, ‘Expander’, the Danish singer songwriter produced a lovely album that was easy to like, with excellent vocals and some gorgeous song writing. One of the highlights of the album was the cover of the Nick Cave song ‘Into My Arms’, which was performed and produced in a really beautiful and sensitive manner.

Anyway Nana has combined together with Director Silas Emmery to produce a video of the song with a fairly extraordinary story behind it. He was in a Russian flea market and came across a box of films, which he bought and subsequently discovered contained footage of a Russian wedding. So he made the ‘Into My Arms’ video based on this footage and the story behind the wedding, and now they are trying to track down the family through Social Media. So not only do we hope that you enjoy the fascinating and well constructed video, but it would be great if you could share it too.

We really love the video and the song, and will of course keep you posted on how they’re getting on in their search for the family in the wedding. We also highly recommend Nana Jacobi's album ‘Expander’ if you missed it earlier in the year, which was released on ‘Target Records’, and available at the following places.

Or visit her websites at:

Photos by Silas Skotte Emmery

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