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Navelin - 'Daydream' single and video

Whilst some music takes slightly longer to grab our attention, it took seconds for ‘Navelin’ to make an impact with their new single and video ‘Daydream’. The Swedish / Irish band released their debut EP ‘SIDE ONE’ earlier this year, and ‘Daydream’ is from that EP, although its now backed up with an excellent animated video made by Michael Zauner.

Navelin are a band likely to make a big impression, with the attention already of a fair few music websites. Their latest single ‘Daydream’ is the highlight of a good EP, it’s a dreamy pop track with a great tune, with throwbacks to some good 80s and 90s influences, and the vocals from Elin Johansson are soft sounding, lush and delicate too, reminding me of a cross between Sundays vocalist Harriet Wheeler and The Schools Liz Hunt.

Anyway you can have a watch of the video to 'Daydream' here, as it came out today:

Future plans for Navelin are gathering pace with a new EP called ‘SIDE TWO’ due out in Spring 2016, and more European dates will be expected soon. This band have a lovely sound, with floating and catchy tunes, so we look forward to reading more about their plans. And don’t forget to check out their EP 'SIDE ONE' which we carelessly missed when it first came out.

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