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New Band - Canigou

We've featured a few artists and releases recently which have been funded through kickstarter / crowd funder style initiatives - Catself and Anna Scharling I think are both examples, so we thought it would be nice to feature a band just starting down this route. And we've been meaning to introduce you all to Canigou anyway, they've been on our 'new band list' for ages, ever since we spotted them on twitter and loved their description of themselves as a ' Tiny orchestra from Sweden. Summoning atmospheric sounds, spreading the love'.

Canigou have just a few tracks out there on Soundcloud and Spotify (and even better on Itunes) for you to get to know, and I think its really interesting music, its mixes dreamy vocals to get yourself completely immersed in with complex twisting instrumentation, and it’s the type of music that you really have to get to know. It wont leap out at you at first listen, but the strength of the music to me is that every time I listen I hear new sounds, different subtleties and the music just grows and grows on me.

My favourite track is the 7 minute single ‘Touch of a Feather’ and you can find that on the Soundcloud, but they also did a cover of ‘Atoms for Peace’ track ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ and you can listen to that here:

The reality is that all of Canigou's recording so far has been pretty DIY (and that does sometimes still show), so they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to try to get some resources together to fund an album which they want to put out next year. We think their tracks would sound great all produced and mixed in a good studio, and feels these guys have a huge amount of talent, so we’re happy to support this in our own little way too by writing about them. For more details please follow the link below:

PS. As much as we would love to, we cant promise to feature every artist starting a kickstarter style campaign...

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