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Editorial - One year of Nordic Music Review

Last week Nordic Music Review was one year old. Happy Birthday us. When we started we had no idea whether anybody would read what we had to say, or whether we’d stumble and fold within the 1st month – and there’s no denying how hard it is, our collective hats are raised to the likes of One Chord to Another who’s been doing this for about 14 years - an incredible commitment and achievement.

We did think we might do this just for one year and then do something else, but it would be a shame to stop right now. I remember saying that if we could get just one email or message from someone who’d discovered a new artist or band through us, it would all be worthwhile, and we’ve had lots of those types of messages, and that’s very lovely. We are still very small, and have no delusions of grandeur. However 11,000 different people have read something on the site, and we have a nice sizable core of readers who come back regularly – thank you so much for putting up with our grammatical errors, occasional dubious recommendations and absences from posting when work and family life has to take priority.

If you’re reading this please feel free to drop us a note at, say hello, tell us who we should be listening to or make some constructive comment about what we could do better.

Anyway a big thank you everyone who has helped us, the little core team who spot bands and help with reviews and provide encouragement, and thank you again for reading what we write. Also a huge thank you to artists whove been so encouraging about what we’re trying to do – I’d list them all but its pretty much everyone we’ve come across. Theres so much good new music out there in Nordic countries waiting to be discovered, and we’ll do our best to cover what’s out there for one more year at least….

Andy. Nordic Music Review

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