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New Band - Mama Sonic + debut single 'Grapefruit'

We like to keep an eye on artists whom we featured in our ’50 New Bands and Artists’ feature, so we were delighted to hear from Jacob Hallerström. We featured an EP he wrote about 12 months ago including one song in particular called Mary By The Coast, which you can still track down on Soundcloud – I’ve just listened to it again today, and its good.

Anyway he’s moved on from his solo work for a while, and joined together with some fellow Stockholm musicians to form a new band called Mama Sonic, named after the legendary indie club in Stockholm called Baba Sonic.

Two weeks ago they released a debut single called ‘Grapefruit’ and we’re delighted to bring it (and Mama Sonic) to your attention. This is 2 minutes of Indie guitar mayhem, full of youthful exuberance, with slightly riotous and energy driven guitars, bass and vocals. You can listen to it by clicking here, because as you know, we can’t embed Soundcloud links into Blog posts….

These guys will be great fun to see live, and you have the chance to do that for yourselves by living in Stockholm (or travelling to Stockholm…) and seeing them at 2 venues over the next few days, Pet Sounds and Broder Tuck – for more details please visit the bands Facebook page. We'll let you know when they have more releases out.

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