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Albums We Missed (2) - Satan's Fingers: 'Enduring Love'

The next in our 'In Short' series is the Finnish outfit Satan’s Fingers, who’s name frequently appears online and leaves me increasingly guilty that we’ve never given them a mention. It was actually their excellent fellow Finnish band ‘Flannelmouth’ who originally recommended them to us, but the fact that ‘One Chord to Another’ also regard them highly is another great endorsement – he’s had the privilege of seeing them live.

They’re a 2 piece band, who play raucous and slightly riotous low fi songs, with brilliant lyrics and their debut album was released earlier this year which is called ‘Enduring Love’. Now this is really low fi stuff, if you’re expecting a traditional band sound with maybe some nice acoustic guitar and high quality production, try ‘Magnolia Shoals’ whom we’re writing about later. But they have this really endearing quality to them, and the contrast between the vocalists and guitar works well too.

The lyrics are direct, darkly comic and sometimes brutal - ‘For 20 years I’ve been trying to win over the affections of girls, for 20 years I’ve ended up looking just like dog turds’. And each song has character, an identity and a message, from the outrageous ‘A Great Mistake’ to the softer ‘Marmelade’. I have no doubt that ‘Satans Fingers’ are brilliant live, and I really hope that I have the opportunity to find out for myself. In the meantime I will have to stick with ‘Enduring Love’, an album which I’ll continue to really enjoy listening to.

Nordic Music Review 7.5/10

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