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ismael - 'Som om jag vaknar nu'

After starting the year with an enforced break and already with a huge backlog to work through, it feels good to be writing about something on the day (today February 10th) of its official release for once. And Swedish band ismael have made a real impression with their mini album entitled ‘Som om jag vaknar nu’, which of course translates to ”As if I wake up now”.

It’s the 3rd album from the Swedish trio, based in Stockholm, and as you’ve guessed the lyrics are in their native language, which as regular readers will know is absolutely fine by us, even if it does partly explain why ismael haven’t had much attention as far as I can see in the UK. This is a shame because their music has a great balance, it maintains a ‘raw’ quality in the guitars and vocals that gives it a real energy, but there is subtlety and a distinct quality in the tunes too, and the overall effect is pretty effective.

The best thing to do is let you go off and take a listen for yourself, but highlights include ‘Alla spöken’ (”All the ghosts”), the pre-album single, which opens with drum and bass, before switching into a slightly melancholy and wistful chorus. ‘Lukas’ has a similar quality to it, but its Händerna, with elegant but restrained strings that brings out the best in the music, it has an intensity and style about it that I really like. And the best is possibly saved to last, with the epic sounding ‘ Som om jag vore bättre’, the tunes, passion and simmering guitar almost even has a New Model Army quality to it.

As always I do feel I’m missing out on something through my lack of ability to speak foreign languages, but there is still a lot for everyone to enjoy in this mini album, and also (given we haven’t mentioned them before) in their back catalogue, which I’ve started to listen to. ismael are a trio with a traditional indie band sound, but with an edge to then, an eye for a great tune and vocals which drift towards the melancholy without ever being dreary. Take a listen by simply clicking in the following places:

Or find out more about the band at:

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