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23:23 - 'Faraway Island' video

We don’t normally highlight individual videos that have been released, but this one is so good that we wanted to give it a special mention on the website, in the hope that random people might come across it for months to come. It’s from 23:23, and the excellent EP that he (Rami Vierula) released back in October ‘To Die on a Faraway Island With You’, and it’s the title track ‘Faraway Island’, which if truth be told is probably my favourite track of the year.

A special mention to the excellent creative direction by Onni Nieminen, who has also produced Album / EP artwork for Black Lizard and 23:23, as well being their drummer - there are so many little subtle touches in the video that I like.

Anyway…. maybe its because I come from a small village by the sea overlooking an Island myself, but I just think this is a really lovely, the lyrics are simple but perfect, and I hope you all get as much pleasure from it as i have, if you havent come across it before.

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