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Ingrid Frøsland - new single 'Come Back'

We’ve been very remiss in not giving Ingrid Frøsland a mention on our website, because we’ve been aware of her for quite some time. The Norwegian singer was based in Liverpool for a period, and we always try and highlight UK based Nordic artists as much as we can. But the release of her new single ‘Come Back’ a couple of weeks ago gives us a good opportunity to write just a few words now.

Originating from the lovely looking (and sounding…) South Western coastal town of Flekkefjord, Ingrid Frøsland studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, but has since returned to Norway where she’s been busy writing and doing a number of gigs, including a small tour at the end of last year.

Her new song 'Come Back' is a big alternative pop song which leaves nothing behind, but as with all of Ingrid Frøsland songs, it retains that distinct Norwegian folk influence, with a character that extends into the plaintive and emotional lyrics. I love the dramatic drum rhythm at the heart of the song and the piano theme that follows it, and the vocals are powerful and intense.

There’s also a beautiful acoustic version on video, which demonstrates her versatility as an artist, accompanied beautifully on the piano by Maria Spikkeland, and which you can watch here:

We’ll make sure we let you know when she has some future material or gigs coming up, especially if she makes it back to the UK.

Find out more at

Buy and listen to the single at:

Photo by Ane Nordås

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