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News - Select Captain, Denique, Herman Wildhagen, Cold Creek

We’ve done pretty well with Album Reviews this week, so we’ll spend some time going through some other releases that have caught our eye, and a couple of videos too….

Firstly Select Captain, the alter ego of Danish singer songwriter Kristian Gaarskjær has a new track and video out, we featured the EP ‘Pure Neon’ last summer, and this new song marks a slight change in musical direction, its simpler and personal, but I think it works really well. The video is below…. and you can also buy the single here on iTunes:

It’s also great to see Denique back with a new project, and this time its called ‘Crack The Code’, which maintains his reputation as a unique artist able to conjure up the most inspired original ideas –this time as a human TV featuring 57 of his close friends, and you can watch that here. For more information on Denique visit:

We were delighted to introduce you to Herman Wildhagen last week, and he’s got a new track out this week which is called ‘Again’, and its another delightful laid back track which hopefully you will enjoy listening to….. don’t forget to visit Hermans Facebook page to keep track of his next releases.

Finally here’s a band we haven’t mentioned before, Cold Creek, they’re based out of Trondheim, and they released a new single yesterday which is called ‘Fog’, and it cheerily tells the story of an old couple who’ve stopped believing in love but don’t dare to leave their relationship because of their age. Anyway…. You can listen to the track here:

And for more info on an interesting band who have released a fair amount of material visit them on Facebook…

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