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Novotonik - 'I Don't Mind' new single

We featured Finnish band Novotonik when they released their ‘Come What May’ EP last summer. The Tampere based band have a fresh alternative indie sound, with good tunes and big guitars, and their new song released today also utilizes singer Valtteri Ojansuu’s skills as a cellist, which gets a big thumbs up from us.

The new single is called ‘I Don’t Mind’ – opening with that lush cello (surely the best musical instrument ever created...), melancholy vocals and stripped back instrumentation, it’s a simpler noise than the tracks on their original EP, and certainly less than the blistering ‘Come What May’. However the strength of Novotonik is their melodies, and that what ‘I Don’t Mind’ offers, and I think it works well. Take a listen for yourself:

I will keep writing about Novotonik because I think they have impressive song writing abilities, an eye for a good tune and the ability to switch between a simpler acoustic sound and a bigger post rock guitar noise (I’m still hoping for more big instrumental sections as in ‘Come What May’). So hopefully we’ll see more releases from them in 2016, in the meantime visit their Facebook page at:

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