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As he said - new single 'Get me drunk'

After featuring Panda Panda, we’re staying in the area for their fellow Trondheim based band ‘As you said’. We featured these guys at the end of last year when they released their single ‘Parasite’, and liked their fusion of musical styles and influences which comes from a background of the band playing in different musical projects, from punk to jazz.

Their latest single ‘Get me drunk’ has been released today, and it’s a beautiful laid back and addictive track, with their jazz influences in particular coming through in the chorus, and the vocals sounding really great- simple, pure and really beautiful.

I’ve had this track on repeat a fair few times today and it continues to grow on me, and if you want to see the band in action and live in Trondeim then you can see them next Friday 8th April here:

Or you can visit them in the online world at:

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