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amini - new single 'Crumbs'

It doesn’t feel like it, but it was over a year ago when we first introduced you to amini, described by themselves as a ‘cinematic folk’ band based around Norwegian singer songwriter Nio Amini and Mattis Moviken. We’ve always liked their individual sound, distinct vocals and the lyrics which are thoughtful and always interesting too as they tread a fine line between darkness and humour.

Anyway the good news is that they have a new single out, and in my opinion its their strongest yet. Its called ‘Crumbs’ and it’s a great mix of melancholic plaintive vocals, a laid back overall band sound and an excellent guitar solo by Luke Bowman which sounds like a warped electric cello. I love the way the track builds in the later stages, and Nio Amini's vocals continue to grow on me the more i listen.

After a successful launch gig last night in Oslo, we’re hoping that the band, who are both UK and Norwegian based, do a couple more London gigs soon, and it would be particularly great if they made it up to the North West at some stage too.

The single ‘Crumbs’ (and we particularly love the artwork by Tord Ketilson Øverland ), is available on most digital platforms as listed below, and follow them on Facebook / Twitter page for forthcoming gigs and new releases.

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