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Kataokas - new single 'Grandma'

We haven't featured 'Kataokas' before, but we're delighted to correct that today, as well as write about the Swedish Folk Pop bands new single 'Grandma', a sweet and beautifully themed song which simply salutes grandparents everywhere, but in particular is based around and dedicated to band member Kalle's grandma Ruth.

It is the most lovely of songs, which sets a perfect tone, the lyrics are touchingly written, that almost goes without saying, but its the way the instrumentation is constructed that makes the song work - an evocative trumpet in the distance, and a nicely written piano part. Anyway the best place to get it is on Itunes, but its also available on Spotify and some other streaming services, and you can listen here too:

As we haven't mentioned 'Kataokas', they're a Gothenburg based 7 strong band, and they released an album last year called 'Anthesis' which is really recommended, and it's typically remiss of us that we missed it. Tracks such as 'Bad Time to Die' make the Belle & Sebastian comparisons fairly obvious, but the album veers into more of a folk based direction (such as 'Someone'), but the common theme is really well written songs, and similar to 'Grandma', excellent easy to listen to instrumentation.

Sadly i don't think they've managed to get to the UK for any gigs over here, but check out their Facebook page for up and coming Swedish gigs.

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