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New Band - 'HICARI'

We regularly feature Artists and Bands with a Nordic connection who are based in the UK, and we have 3 to cover in the next 2 weeks. The first of these is 'HICARI', who following in the footsteps of 'Kalandra', Mari Hajem and 'I See Rivers', are based at the Liverpool of Institute of Performing Arts. 'HICARI' have members originating from 4 countries, Norway, India, Japan and England, their band name is taken from the Japanese word for 'Light', and their debut single 'Consumed' is released officially tomorrow, Friday 15th April on Tidal and Spotify.

We do try and cover a wide variety of musical genres, and this is firmly in the centre of the 'Synth Pop' world. It is a big bold track, with appealing melodies, cascading synths and a huge Eurovision style crescendo up to a belting chorus. The emotional tone of the lyrics are convincing and whilst the track has its slight imperfections, i think it generally works well and shows that 'HICARI' have genuine potential.

Watch the video to 'Consumed' here:

And for those of us in the North West of England you can see them live at The 2ube Extra Festival in Liverpool at 5pm, and if you're not you'll be able to watch it here:

To find out more about HICARI visit them in the following places:

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