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New Artist - 'NORA' and single 'Humans'

Our second 'new' Norwegian artist featured today at Nordic Music Review is 'NORA', an alternative pop and visual artist who was Norwegian born but now based in London - which makes a nice changes from all our features on Liverpool based Norwegians recently....

Whilst Hege Nesset our other featured artist has simpler and more conventional singer songwriting techniques at the heart of her music, NORA has a far bigger sound fusing together musical influences as diverse as jazz and classical music. Her debut single 'Humans' has a powerful intensity to it, glimpses of Portishead but on a far grander scale, and there are hints of a subtle and more fragile voice in the latter stages of the track that i have no doubt we'll see more of too.

Anyway you can watch the video to 'Humans' here:

And you can find out more about NORA in the following places:

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