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  • Signe Kerge

Young Dreams - Between Places

One of the joys of exploring Nordic music, is that we keep coming across music that was released ages ago but that we just were not aware of at the time. And Young Dreams' 2013 album 'Between Places' is well worth checking out even 3 years after it was first written'. Tilting their style as atmospheric pop, a mix between dance music and psychedelic rock, Between Places explains the meaning of it spectacularly.

First of all, this album is a journey (maybe that’s why being called Between Places?) and not only because it somehow covers the time and distance, but also opens a door to a completely new style and production.

Arranged and produced by one of the Norway’s greatest young producers, Matias Tellez, it has the same vibe throughout every song, though not exactly duplicating anything and definitely taking a detour from the word 'boring'.

Starting with the track 'Footprints', a listener is immediately taken to a happy place by the positive melody and catchy lyrics – not in a regular, repetitive way, but by the meaning and interpretation of the words.

'Moving on to Wounded Hearts Forever', you have also taken the next step on the trip with the album. Having a slightly more serious undertone at first, you will probably pay attention to the masterful handling of instruments, but do not forget to pay attention to the song itself as well.

The third song on the album is called 'Fog Of War', favourite to many. This is the one that makes me pay attention to the words the most, and really appreciate the singer’s voice; also the way he makes you just observe and listen.

'First Days Of Something' gives out some mixed feelings. It is somewhat melancholic, yet hopeful, accompanied by a music video that is basically a short movie on its own:

Next song is probably my favourite – 'When Kisses Are Salty'. It may seem that going through everything at once and in a row is a bit overwhelming; this is a breath of fresh air, something slightly more different and relaxing. 'Dream Alone, Wake Together' is on the other hand closest to my heart lyrics-wise. I think it is safe to say that there is something in every one of those tracks that is different and makes you like it most, so picking one and only favourite is not only difficult, but also basically impossible.

Next two songs, 'The Girl That Taught Me To Drink And Fight' and 'Through The Turnstiles' follow the general mood of the album and are definitely worth a shot too. The good thing about all of those songs is that it doesn’t matter how you listen to them, it can just play on the background, but you will still get an emotion and it still somehow fits with the mood, atmosphere and feelings.

The last song on the album, 'Young Dreams', is a confident masterpiece that just shows you how everything is on the move, and how things and times change. It is the best way to end and up to this point, truly worth to have the same title as is the name of the band.

To conclude, what is the most bizarre thing about Young Dreams? You don’t have to be in mood for it. They are always in mood for you and manage to change your mind.

For more information and tracks, you can find them on:

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