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Roan - 'Just for Tonight' EP

It's always great to be able to catch up on artists we wrote about in our first few months, during our New Artist of the Day feature, which kicked off Nordic Music Review. We liked 'Roan', who had some nice British influences (Belle & Sebastian and even Los Campesinos! perhaps...) in the sound, and he's back, this time with a full band and their debut EP with that new line up.

'Just for Tonight' is jangly pop, unashamedly upbeat, with tunes to dance to, and each of the 3 tracks offered in this EP has a character about them. Highlight to me is actually the final track 'Around the World', the slightly warped vocals work well, and its well worth adding to your new music playlist.

Here's that final track:

More details on Roan can be found in the following places:

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