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SLØTFACE - 'Sponge State' EP

Just a few words with an update on the excellent 'SLØTFACE’ from Norway, whom we’ve mentioned a few times mainly due to their UK gigs, but they released their EP ‘Sponge State’ whilst we on our holidays. The single ‘Sponge State’ was previously released at the end of the April, and got some excellent airplay in the UK.

The EP is really good, as expected, with 4 consistently explosive and vibrant tracks, packed full of energy. With the band now having also written their debut album, we can expect far more material over the next year or so. The band will also be returning to the UK at least once in the next few months as they play The Lexington on 28th September.

If you haven’t seen the video to ‘Sponge State’, here it is below, filmed during a gig the band did to support protesters in Førde campaigning against waste being dumped in the local fjords.

We'll keep you updated on their progress, and in the meantime check out the band in all the normal places:

Read more about the protests at

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