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Moddi - new album details, pledge campaign, video, live dates...

We’ve mentioned Moddi a few times on Twitter recently, but being on vacation means we haven’t done any formal updates and it seemed sensible to update the website on his forthcoming album and live performances. His new release will be called ‘Unsongs’, and it has been clearly the most extraordinary project, bringing together a list of 400 songs that over the ages have, for one reason or another, been banned or suppressed. He has then rewritten 12 of those for the album, due to be released in September – some songs I suspect having to be ‘rewritten’ more than others, depending on how much of the original material remains.

The level of passion that and energy that Moddi has put into this project is clearly fairly astonishing, and we’re looking forward to seeing the end results. In the meantime he has a PledgeMusic campaign out where you can pre-order the album and various other items of paraphernalia –I’ve opted for the choice of the ‘Unsongs’ sketches and demos because I’m genuinely fascinated to understand more of the background behind each track (as I am actually with the other 388 that he has on his list…). Anyway pre-order the album and have a look at what else you can buy to support this amazing album here:

Also, here is the track ‘Punk Prayer’, originally performed by Pussy Riot, and which Moddi has carefully rewritten (musically), trying to ‘take the melody back to its original roots in Rachmaninov’, and the both the music and the video are just so good.

Moddi has also released a number of dates in October, mainly back in Norway and Germany, but we understand there will be a London gig on 3rd October – we’ll confirm you the details as soon as we have them. This will be a great opportunity to see the ‘Unsongs’ for yourself.

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