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Sarah Klang - debut single 'Sleep'

In our feature on Oxen, we mentioned their glowing coverage on other Websites / Blogs too, which is often a good barometer of how quickly a band or artist will make an impression. And Sarah Klang too is starting to make a real impression and has had some great introductions on other websites, including our friends at the prolific Diamond Deposits.

Hailing from Sweden, she’s been working on her debut single ‘Sleep;’ for a few months with producer Anna Hansen, and that attention to detail really shows in a single which is really assured in terms of its writing, instrumentation and production. But more importantly than any of that is Sarah Klang's voice, which is so distinct, captivating and feels completely natural too.

Take a look at the new video for 'Sleep':

This has left a real positive impression with those I've sent this to, so hope you all like it too. Her plans for the next few months mainly involve performing, so we’re not expecting an EP until later this year. In the meantime ‘Sleep’ is a great track for all your new music playlists.

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