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Moddi - new track 'Army Dreamers' and UK gig

So this is is the song that tipped me over the edge. One minute i was watching news coverage, frustrated, ashamed, angry, tired but generally in control of my emotions, the next i was sitting on my kitchen floor in tears listening to Moddi's latest single 'Army Dreamers'. It is an utterly beautiful version of the Kate Bush track that was blacklisted for so long.

If i tried to explain exactly why i would write way too much about everything that's going on in the UK right now. So maybe you should just listen to the song...:

Remember that you can support this amazing album by pledging at Moddi's Pledge Campaign site listed below. You can also see Moddi live at St Giles in the Fields on 3rd October - there's also a great big ticket link on the front page of our website, it would be so great to get that gig sold out.

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