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The Holy - new single 'Ramses The Evil Brother'

We're trying to get out of the habit of featuring new singles from bands we've only recently written about, but we'll always make an exception for 'The Holy' who have intrigued us ever since we randomly came across them online a year or so ago. Last time we wrote about their single 'This will be the Day that I Die', but were still wondering exactly what direction their music would go in, and maybe the new single 'Ramses The Evil Brother' gives us a clue. It's a rampant upbeat 4 minutes of noise, taking on a wide range of influences, but rhythmically somewhere in between early Arcade Fire and Steve Reich's 'Music for Pieces of Wood' (yes really.... go check). It firmly puts to bed any worries that I had that they would never quite match the brilliance of 'Ahtari' - released whilst under the name 'Holy Roman'. Anyway this track has gone down really well in the office this morning, so I think it's going to be positively received, and there's a video for you to watch too. It is directed by Haliz Muhilden, and the single will form part of the EP More Escher and Random Notes, which will be released on the Soliti label early August.

For those of you in Finland, The Holy have live appearances too, playing:

22nd July Elmun Baari, Helsinki

23rd July Rockfestari Naamat, Muurame

We will let you know what we think of the complete EP, when it comes out in August.

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