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New Band - Metapod

It was great to be able to update everyone with the new single from 'The Holy' earlier, and it reminded me of their early 'demo' we spotted a year or so ago, raw sounding but blisteringly good. So always on the look out for submissions of a similar nature, we're delighted to introduce you to 'Metapod', a new Swedish band with a post punk feel, that have just 2 tracks online right now.

The thing i like about Metapod in particular is the great instrumental noise that they make, which has a real intensity to it. The 1st track 'Anubis' has an opening which takes some really good influences from a wide range of rock genres, goth to punk, with a fuzzy haze of guitars and a good bass line too. Ok so it's not without its imperfections, but Metapod have shown enough from these 2 early tracks to warrant our attention, and we hope you'll keep them on your radar. This is Anubis:

The band are due to announce some live gigs fairly shortly, and are planning a European tour, which is great news. We'll keep you updated when the band have developed slightly further, and if they make it to the UK we'll get those details straight on our UK Nordic Gigs page. In the meantime check them out on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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