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Øyvind Weiseth - new single 'Hold On'

We're delighted to update you on the latest release from Øyvind Weiseth, who we wrote about towards the end of last year. Oyvind is one of the 'crowd' of Norwegian musicians studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, and joins 'I See Rivers', Mari Hajem and more recently Asmodean to be featured in Nordic Music Review.

The thing that intrigues me about Øyvind is his versatility as a songwriter, and similarly to some of the other young musicians we've featured (Mani Orrason from Iceland is probably a great example), his early releases have covered quite a range of styles. However i have a feeling that his latest single 'Hold On' is his most naturally instinctive to date. It's a melodic Indie Pop track, with a huge chorus and some lovely musical instrumentation - i love the piano line tinkering away in the background. You can listen to it here:

Øyvind has just completed a series of gigs in the early part of the summer, and plans to resume live performances in the Autumn. We will try and write about when those are taking place, and we must try and get ourselves to one of them too.

If you're interested in some of his previous releases, check out his 'Memento' EP which you can still get on streaming services, and which I've enjoyed listening to again this morning. The more intimate and unusual 'I Told You I Would Go' is also available too.

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