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Masasolo - dreamy tunes from Denmark

Last year we did a bit of a feature on some of the new Danish bands that played at the prestigious Roskilde festival, and this year we'll feature 3 bands that caught our eye from the line-up a few weeks ago. Masasolo are the first of those, and what i really like about this band is that there is lovely effortless feel to their music (although it's obviously not effortless at all...) based around a traditional 4 piece band writing great dreamy tunes in what i would describe as a 'warped indie' style - but which understandably has been described as psychedelic pop by others.

They only have 2 tracks released right now, so the best thing to do is listen for yourself. This is 'Really Thought She Loved Me'.

I like Masasolo because there is a really laid back feel to their music, the tracks are based around good melodies and i love the subtle and oh so clever guitar contributions. The more I listen to these 2 tracks the more I've really got into the feel and sound of it, and whilst it remains hard for overseas bands to break into the UK, i really think these guys would go down well, so I hope that will happen soon.

Back in Denmark Masasolo have a few summer gigs, including the New Note Festival on Saturday 6th August, which also has plenty of new bands for us to go and check out, as well as some names we've featured in NMR previously such as Palace Winter and Exec.

Photo by Jasper Spanning

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