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Cats of Transnistria - new video 'Displacement'

We featured Cats of Transnistria briefly last year, but unfortunately didn't really have time for a full review of their album 'Divine' which was released on Soliti earlier this year, and which gets a full worldwide digital release this week. The Finnish band have made a real impression with the unique perspectives and visions that they create through their music, which is dreamily dark, intense and powerful.

Their latest video is for the track 'Displacement' , almost 11 minutes long, and I've found myself completely absorbed in both the sounds and the video. It builds with a really intensity, and captures really effectively the bands vision of 'wanting to be anywhere else than here and of the enormous joy one feels when finding a way out'. I love the searing force of the guitars as the track approaches it's climax, and it reminds me that I really need to go back and listen to the album again.

It was filmed in Russia, and was part of a collaboration with Panika Derevya, and the video is certainly among the most interesting and evocative that I've seen this year.

If you are based in Helsinki, Cats of Transnistria play at Semifinal on the 27th July.

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