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  • Signe Kerge

Introducing.... Verdensrommet with 'Vill Vill Vest' appearance in September

Bands who blend a variety of musical styles are always a favourite at Nordic Music Review, and Verdensrommet are a great example of a band who have a wide range of influences, yet produce something original sounding. Verdensrommet consists of Andreas Høvset and Vetle Junker, who met in fifth grade in their hometown, Skien, and Lars Berntsen, Martin Gowland, Vetle Vongraven and Tom Crozier. They originally surfaced back in 2012, and are now releasing music in their native language under Nabovarsel Bergen.

Combining low tones and somewhat eerie sounds, Verdensrommet creates the atmosphere that may be gloomy and heartbreaking, yet weirdly comforting. Somehow the tunes seem to be the perfect soundtrack for the sometimes rainy, sometimes foggy Norwegian mountains and forests that we often picture when thinking about the country. "Verdensrommet" in Norwegian means the universe or outer space, and their music is able to capture that feeling of unworldly and magical mystery.

As of right now, my favourite songs remain their original tracks written, 'Nytt' and 'Sidelengs' (the latter produced by the excellent Matias Tellez, we mentioned in our Young Dreams album review). Both these tracks, as well as other songs they have released have a timeless quality to them, unique and also captivating. The latest single, 'Aldri igjen', shows how different pieces can harness the same style, making us feel home in this vast world of music.

In addition to regular songs, they put generous amount of time and dedication to remixes – a trend that doesn't seem as popular with other indie groups, but certainly adds a lot to their image. They have also collaborated with one of the greatest Norwegian hip hop artists from Bergen, Lars Vaular, in creating the haunting autumn hymn, '7. September'.

Verdensrommet will perform alongside many other amazing artists at 'Vill Vill Vest' music festival in Bergen from 15. - 16. September 2016. They should also be releasing an EP in Autumn too. We highly recommend 'Vill Vill Vest' and hopefully I will be at the event myself, maybe even following up in Nordic Music Review on how the mystical and secretive universe felt between the misty Norwegian mountains in this intriguing town.

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