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Unnveig Aas - beautifully written Folk Pop

Over the summer vacation, we're trying to point readers in the direction of Artists / Bands we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, but not go into one of our hugely detailed reviews - just let everyone find out more for themselves if they like the video or music link we embed.

Anyway we came across Unnveig Aas when going through the line up for this years Øyafestivalen, she's an Oslo based singer songwriter who is probably known to some of our Norwegian readers, but possibly not so many in the UK, as looking at her historical gigs I can't find any reference to her playing here. Anyway her music is well worth checking out, she writes Folk Pop with a country influence, but I like the mix of her delicate vocals with her lyrics, which are thoughtfully written.

Last year she released an EP called 'Love', and from it you can listen here to 'Bright Lights':

So it looks like a busy summer for Unnveig, as she's already played at Ranglerock Festival with her band, and will now head to Øyafestivalen in August. She will then continue recording her new album.


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