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Introducing... Bone Moon with debut track 'Thresher'

Antti from Koria Kitten Riot did us a huge favour when he recommended the debut release from Bone Moon in his interview a few weeks ago, as it was a useful kick up the backside given that we'd completely missed it ourselves. We even missed the feature in the king of all Finnish music blogs 'One Chord to Another', although in our defence it did all launch just when we'd closed down for a week or so for the May holidays.

Enough excuses, for Bone Moon is the newly launched project for Finnish singer-songwriter Lauri Myllymäki, who had previously fronted the much loved Ochre Room - their back catalogue is still really recommended by the way. We'd been really looking forward to news of Lauri's solo endeavours ever since Ochre Room played their final emotional gig, and his debut 'Thresher' is a really nice track. It an intimacy about it, but actually the reason it's so good is that it's simply a beautifully written song with lovely melodies - and that's how it should be. Fleetingly it also reminds me of Icelandic band Ampop, in a perfectly good way.

Watch 'Thresher' here in the video directed by Sami Pöyry:

Anyway Bone Moon has in the last couple of weeks played his first official gig in Tampere under that name, and we now eagerly await further news. You can keep track of it yourselves by visiting his Facebook page, whilst we promise you we'll try be more alert to any new releases next time.

Photo by Janne Räikkönen.

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