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Canigou - new single 'Owl'

Towards the end of 2015 we wrote about Canigou, a band who first caught our attention due to their lovely bio description on Twitter - 'a tiny orchestra from Sweden, summoning atmospheric sounds, spreading the love'. Anyway at the time they were just launching a kickstarter campaign to fund an album, and we're delighted that the first output from that has arrived in the form of a single called 'Owl'.

'Owl' is so beautifully atmospheric, and has a very different sound and structure to most releases we get to hear. I love the theme with the vocal harmonies at the start, but from there it just seems to build and evolve organically, and when I play this I get totally lost and mesmerized under its dreamy spell - only woken by the subtle and haunting trumpet played by Per Larsson which wakes me up from my hypnotic trance.

I recommend you listen to 'Owl' a few times as it will really grow on you...

Anyway the full debut Canigou album is still to be mixed and mastered, but hopefully isn't too far away, and we'll try to do a full review when it is finally released. In the meantime there is enough listening in 'Owl' to keep us happy for a while yet.

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