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Knife Fights - new EP and video 'Tails'

We've been listening to Knife Fights for a few weeks now, and it's been a bit remiss of us not to have written something before. The Icelandic band returned in August with a brand new EP entitled 'I Am Neither A Whole Or A Half Man', and its a really good release, with growling guitars and a lo-fi style, but listenable vocals with tunes. It's a good mix and I think most of you will like it.

The band have been active for a few years now, formed by Sigurður Angantýsson, and their 2014 album 'I Need You To Go To Hell' is also worth checking out. In all their releases the bands wide influences such as the Pixies and REM can be heard, but the overall sound has a distinctness to it which makes it feel fresh and original.

The strength of the latest EP 'I Am Neither A Whole Or A Half Man' is in the consistency of the tracks, but I love in particular 'Panic Later', opening with a great bass line, slightly caustic guitars and I like the way the song builds to a big discordant climax. Anyway, they also have a new video out for the track 'Tails', and you can watch it here:

Knife Fights play a great looking gig on the 12th October in Reykjavík alongside some other artists we need to listen to as well. Looks like it's free entry too, so check out their Facebook page for more details.


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