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Rebecka Bodén - 'Deeper Than The Sea' EP

As always there is a huge wealth of Nordic talent being written about by similar websites to ours, so a courteous 'hat tip' to our friends at the excellent Meadow Music in Sweden ( for writing about Stockholm based Rebecka Bodén a few weeks back, as her EP 'Deeper Than The Sea' is a beautiful release which is worthy of a wide audience. And the release has certainly received a unanimous (unusually) thumbs up from all connected with Nordic Music Review who have heard it, and received a good reaction when we selected it as our Track of the Week on the Walker & Williams Radio Show too.

The first and most obvious point about 'Deeper Than The Sea' is that it's Rebecka Boden's voice itself which is the stunning centrepiece of the tracks, a voice so soft, sumptuous and elegant too, and which will remind you of some of your favourite vocalists from the last 50 years. Opening track 'Back in My Shoes' is the most upbeat, with playful flowing piano and a subtle use of strings, whilst 'Sister' is delicate, based around acoustic guitar and the most gorgeous vocal harmonies. 'Summertime Mistake' is probably the most 60's sounding, before we are offered the most stunning of tracks in 'Leaving you First', undoubtedly one of my favourite tracks this year - fragile lyrics are combined with the most stunning heartfelt tune. And the EP ends with the title song 'Deeper than the Sea', and it is another track which showcases her extraordinary voice and clever use of melodies.

We would love to write more about Rebecka Bodén at some point, because there aren't too many write ups or features online on her yet and her beautiful voice and melodies have made a real impression over here. So hopefully you will like the EP too, and we will write more about her future plans when we have more time.

Deeper than the Sea is available on Havtorn Records, and you can get it (at least if you're in Sweden) on Vinyl and CD from the following place:

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