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Introducing - Toby Poynter, with new single 'The Comeback'

Back to Sweden now for a Songwriter who's been writing for many years, but is still in his first year as a solo artist. Toby Poynter is from Sweden, and has been playing with The Grand Trick (you can find them on Soundcloud) but has now released 2 tracks as a solo artist, and they're both really promising debuts.

The first track 'A New Beginning' was released earlier this year (you can see the video at the end of this feature) and it's clear that Toby writes tracks with big melodies, whilst the vocals are strong and have a hint of sadness to them. It's a good song, but actually I like 'The Comeback' most, as I like the intensity of the guitars which have a grunge influence to them.

Anyway, this is the latest single 'The Comeback':

An album is being planned, so we'll let you know when that's out, in the meantime both these are good tracks to add to your playlists, and if you like them then purchase links are shown below too.

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